It’s Official!

August 22, 2007 at 3:36 pm (It's just my life)

Adam and I are together as of early Saturday August 18, 2007 in the wee hours of the morning… ; )

I don’t think anyone really understands how happy that makes me! Well, it is hard for me to show my emotions, but dang, I really like this one! So yay! And, he is so sweet! But he is also, very much, like a man. He isn’t girly. That is what I mean when I say he is sweet. He can be sweet without being a pansy. That is important! I want a man, not a girl. HA HA. OK, well, I think that is all I can say about that.

Oh, and by the way, he is driving down here for the weekend! I can’t wait! I already miss him. And again, that scares me. I have never liked a guy this much so fast… ha. Well, that’s all. I just was so excited I had to get it off my chest somehow. And seeing as I haven’t told anyone about this web blog I should be good to just let everything out without worrying about who sees it! Who hoo! OK, later!


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Mixed Feelings

August 11, 2007 at 11:38 pm (It's just my life, Just Writing from the Soul)

OK, so I have no control over other peoples’ lives. What the heck am I supposed to do about it? I can’t make decisions for other people. Dang. Well, the Anthony Gomes Band is the band my mom and I like and we LOVE the bass player, Biscuit! But we just found out tonight was his last show… I don’t know why, nor do I have any reason to know why. However, my mother calls me all ticked at me because I didn’t immediately call and tell her when I found out, which was like an hour ago. I actually had something to be happy about so I was happy. She got mad at me for being happy. What, is that supposed to ruin my whole day? Heck yes, I hate that he is leaving!! But there is nothing I can do about it! They have already replaced him!

I mean, seriously, I just got to spend four WONDERFUL days with Adam! I got to go out every night with my friends and that was a blast. I am leaving for Vegas tomorrow with my family! I am going a place I have never been before. I may be entering into relationship mode with Adam because I know now for sure that he TRULY and REALLY likes me. And i know for a fact that I like him back! What don’t I have to be happy about. My family and friends are in relatively good health. I just got to go to my first ever Springfield Cardinals game with Adam and Gabe! I got to go to new places downtown with my friends. I have great memories from that now. Plus, I am officially on SUMMER BREAK! I mean, seriously! I freaking have it made!

Anyway, I just could not understand why she would freaking hang up on me for laughing and crap. Doesn’t she freaking know that i love biscuit to death?!?! Man, dang. That’s about all I can say right now.

Adam and I

Above: Adam and I this week in Springfield!

Below: Biscuit and I last weekend in Chicago!

Biscuit and I

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I am odd…

August 8, 2007 at 5:33 pm (It's just my life)

Well, I have always thought it was weird that I don’t like to be touched by people. I can’t help it. It makes me exetremely uncomfortable. However, when I am with someone in a romantic way I totally don’t feel that at all. I instead what to hold them and be held. But the act itself, is difficult for me to initiate, even though I would like to. It is so strange. I want to cuddle and hold hands even. That seems so weird coming from me…
For instance, when I am in school I always sit at least a desk away from my classmates. I never want to be too close to people. I just don’t understand it.  I hate big crowds and I hate being blocked in a space by people with no way out. Unless, however, it is a person, like I said before, that I am involved romantically with – or want to be involved with. Ha.

Maybe it is a trust issue. I don’t really know. All I do know is that there is something wrong with that picture.  dontouch-web-fina-2.jpg

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August 7, 2007 at 1:42 am (It's just my life)

This is from the Snow Patrol concert that I went to last weekend! It was AMAZING! This was my favorite song that they played. Man, I never wanted that show to end… They played at Uptown Theater, which was amazing. Plus, it helps that we had great seats!

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Crazy Cute and Free Cookies

August 2, 2007 at 4:43 am (Uncategorized)

I have to admire courage. It is a fine thing to possess. Well, here is the story:

I was  at work… which was pretty stressful anyway, and I was helping out this guy. You know, same old thing. But he was funny and was making jokes. You know, that doesn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary. It happens. And well, about 30 minutes later, he came back over and started talking to me. It was a little awkward because I thought that he needed something business wise. Ha. So I kept offering him things to help out… finally he just said, “I just came over here because after I left here and you helped me I couldn’t stop thinking about how crazy cute you are.” I know that is one heck of a line. And I understood that it was a line, but still I liked the phrase so I let him give me his number. It isn’t that I am going to call it, but still. It felt nice since Wednesday’s at work are not always the most fun. Anyway, I just freaking loved that he came over and said that. So I told him I admired the courage. He said, “You have no idea how difficult it is to ask out an attractive and funny girl. You don’t find that combination so often.” This just happened so it is still fresh in my mind. Anyway, it was a good day. Plus, I got free cookies again from the guys at subway. I love free cookies.

Here is a crazy beautiful picture just to follow suit for the evening.


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