Mixed Feelings

August 11, 2007 at 11:38 pm (It's just my life, Just Writing from the Soul)

OK, so I have no control over other peoples’ lives. What the heck am I supposed to do about it? I can’t make decisions for other people. Dang. Well, the Anthony Gomes Band is the band my mom and I like and we LOVE the bass player, Biscuit! But we just found out tonight was his last show… I don’t know why, nor do I have any reason to know why. However, my mother calls me all ticked at me because I didn’t immediately call and tell her when I found out, which was like an hour ago. I actually had something to be happy about so I was happy. She got mad at me for being happy. What, is that supposed to ruin my whole day? Heck yes, I hate that he is leaving!! But there is nothing I can do about it! They have already replaced him!

I mean, seriously, I just got to spend four WONDERFUL days with Adam! I got to go out every night with my friends and that was a blast. I am leaving for Vegas tomorrow with my family! I am going a place I have never been before. I may be entering into relationship mode with Adam because I know now for sure that he TRULY and REALLY likes me. And i know for a fact that I like him back! What don’t I have to be happy about. My family and friends are in relatively good health. I just got to go to my first ever Springfield Cardinals game with Adam and Gabe! I got to go to new places downtown with my friends. I have great memories from that now. Plus, I am officially on SUMMER BREAK! I mean, seriously! I freaking have it made!

Anyway, I just could not understand why she would freaking hang up on me for laughing and crap. Doesn’t she freaking know that i love biscuit to death?!?! Man, dang. That’s about all I can say right now.

Adam and I

Above: Adam and I this week in Springfield!

Below: Biscuit and I last weekend in Chicago!

Biscuit and I


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