American Idol this week

March 17, 2009 at 2:39 pm (Music, TV)

My top three favorites were Anoop, Danny, and Allison this week. After that, I liked Scott and Kris. I didn’t mind Alexis Grace, but I am a little worried. She was pretty forgettable this week for me. The most forgettable though had to have been Michael Sarver and the guy who went last, Matt. I guess it is because I am not a huge fan of those two, even though they are obviously good singers for being there.

Man, Adam Lambert is so out there. He is floating in outer space. I thought it was interesting, but he always is just ok for me. He doesn’t get me like some of the others in the way they connect with an audience. He seems too into himself. However, he can belt it though. He has a massive range. And, for the most part, he hits his pitches. Plus, he is a showman.

There are two more singers that I can’t remember right now. I obviously didn’t care for them this week. Ha.


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