April 24th, 2009 Horoscope

April 24, 2009 at 3:07 pm (It's just my life)

Scorpio Horoscope for April 24, 2009
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Scorpio There could be a purpose behind all the bickering and strong words taking place in your social sphere. Someone has a gripe and another wants to be heard, and the ball is in your court to be the mediator. An unexpected call could be the catalyst for a fuller social life.

Scorpio: When it rains, it pours! After a long wait, everything is happening at once!

I know that there are more powerful things working today!

I just thought I would mention how ready I am for the next step in my life… (I know that this is a coded message, but oh well.)

The day went from a total loss to a complete recovery and more promise than I could ever even imagine!

I was honest. I almost died. I ran, got on my knees and begged… then it all changed.

Now… April 24th, 2009. I am different. I have a purpose. I have a life.


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  1. Raao said,

    I am a scorpio too :))) And I already decided week ago to be cool and calm because I suffered alot from trying to do things right, no one appreciates this manner anymore!! I decided to not fight anymore, just sit and wait for destiny! what will be, will be!

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