Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2008 at 7:32 pm (Just Writing from the Soul)

So, yes. Today has been wonderful thus far. I only expect it to get better.

First of all, it is nice waking up to calls and texts from my friends and family telling me Happy Valentine’s Day. I mean shoot, that is just plain thoughtful. Secondly, when I was going to school I stopped at a gas station to get a soda before my classes, obviously needing caffeine to help pay attention – and when I went to pay for my lovely soda (and it was lovely) the guy gave me a single yellow rose and said, “Here, a pretty rose for a pretty girl on Valentine’s Day.” I mean, wow! I was just watching, well, casually noticing the cashiers while I was waiting in line and they didn’t do it for the two people in front of me… It was very unexpected. Very sweet.

But you know, however nice it was, it makes me wonder, if they had given it to one of the other two people in front of me, rather than me, it could have made that person’s day just a little bit better… ? I mean, I have a quite sunny disposition today anyway. It would have been nice to see the charitable giving to someone who could use a little cheering up. Not everyone is as blessed as I am to have loved ones and family. I know that there are people who boycott days like today, but it is simply a day to celebrate love. And I believe that kind of mentality should be taken into everyday life, rather than just once a year. I don’t think it should be the romantic kind of love, but love – in general.

Anyway, love to you all!!


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Things I Want to Do Before I Die!

February 13, 2008 at 4:03 am (It's just my life, Just Writing from the Soul)

In no specific order…

~ See the Aurora Borealis.

~ See Parts of Asia: Japan, Thailand, India, and China.

~ See Italy

~ Ski in the Swiss Alps.

~ Hang Glide

~ Sit Front Row at a Kansas Men’s Basketball Game

~ Be an Architect

~ Learn Sign Language

~ Get a Tattoo

~ Visit New Zealand

~ Visit the Hershey Chocolate Factory in Pennsylvania

~ See the Ruins of Pompeii

~ Visit the Louvre

~ French Kiss in Paris

~ Get my Master’s Degree

~ Learn How to Drive a Stick-Shift

~ Visit the Vatican City

~ Witness as Many Foreign Religious Ceremonies as Possible

~ Have a Romantic Kiss in the Rain

~ See the 7 Wonders of the World.. and stay to see some more Ancient Egyptian Ruins…

~ Swim with Sea Turtles

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Golden… but serious.

February 12, 2008 at 1:17 am (It's just my life)

Yes, well things have be moving at a super fast pace with Adam. We have been together for a little less than six months and already he has bought me diamonds. I mean, this is a guy who doesn’t really like to spend money… it was shocking, especially when I told him not to do anything big. I mean, the necklace is amazing, but wow.


It is the journey necklace. He said, …”because we have a journey to make.” Wow. Serious. Anyway, I might be okay with that. But everything in my past told me I was afraid to commit. I mean, forever is a long time…

Anyway, I think I am ready. I am more mature. I have been thinking how fun it would be to marry him. I don’t usually do that. I still tell people that it will be a long time before I ever get married. However, I would not be opposed to it. It seems so strange considering the short amount of time we have been together. I know, firsthand, how things can change over time. I mean, what if I do what I have done before… where I just slowly fall out of love. It isn’t fun. It isn’t fun at all and hurts people – myself included. But yeah, I could make this work. I think we love each other the same amount. Sometimes it is one way, or whatever, but I think here we have this certain understanding. It is great. And, everyone is happy to see us together! I mean everyone. My whole family loves him! All my friends love him! I love him! His friends like me. I like them! I mean, this is golden. Simply Golden.

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